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  PRODUCTS WE DO SUGGEST:  A salt-water soak, using non-iodized sea salt, ¼ teaspoon mixed in 8 oz. of warm water or a pre-mixed sodium-chloride 0.9% is suggested (not contact lens solution). Do Not mix the Saltwater too strong or it may cause irritation. Small spot bandages should be used on micro-dermal anchors for 7-10 days.


    PRODUCTS WE DO NOT SUGGEST: Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Povidone-Iodine (Betadine), Bactine, and most important NO OINTMENTS (Neosporin, Bacitracin, Triple anti-biotic, A&D, etc.), whereas these products have been found to prolong and / or complicate the healing process.


   It is important that new piercings are cleaned thoroughly, yet carefully. New piercings should not be treated roughly, and care should be taken not to allow clothing, makeup, sleeping, physical activity, or sexual activity (protection should always be used for genital piercings) to agitate / irritate the area. You may clean around the piercing with a mild soap, but use care not to get it into the piercing. It is normal for your new piercing to remain slightly red for the first few weeks. It is not uncommon to have minor bleeding, bruising, or swelling. A small amount of dried matter (crust) will be noticed where the jewelry enters the skin, it is important not to pick at this in between cleanings. This dried matter will act as a protective barrier against germs and bacteria. The jewelry should not be moved around unless you are cleaning the piercing (the jewelry will not “stick” if you don’t move it). Try to handle your new piercing as little as possible to reduce the chance of infection.


    To clean your piercing, for the first few days, once daily, wet the area with warm, preferably running water. Allow water to clean any dried matter away. Your body will do everything it needs to begin healing process, so be gentle and do not agitate it.


 Begin using saltwater soaks after a few days.  Use a cup of saltwater to gently soak the piercing, or a clean swab, pad, cloth, etc. Wet the piercing site itself and allow the saltwater to soak in for a few minutes, gently rinse the piercing and move the jewelry a few times if able, do not force it. Continue to do the saltwater soaks for several weeks until piercing is no longer producing dried matter and is healed. Most piercings take an average of 2-3 months to initially heal, and some longer, 4-6 months. The initial starter jewelry should remain in during the healing time. Ask your piercer if you have questions about when it is safe to change jewelry.




  PRODUCTS WE DO SUGGEST: An oral antiseptic diluted with clean water. A salt-water rinse using non-iodized sea salt, 1/4 teaspoon mixed in 8 oz. of warm water is highly suggested. When using a product containing alcohol dilute by at least half with clean water. 


   It is important that new piercings are cleaned thoroughly. Oral piercings should be treated gently; they should not be touched or played with for the first few weeks, whereas doing so can complicate the healing process. Care should be taken when eating, whereas most starter jewelry for oral piercing is longer to allow for swelling. Oral contact and sexual contact should be avoided for 3 to 4 weeks with new piercings.

   To clean your piercing, rinse thoroughly every time you eat, drink anything except clean water, smoke, etc. Regular brushing of teeth and tongue is important. During the first few days you may experience some swelling. We suggest crushed ice, or ice water along with the use of an anti-inflammatory for the first few days, to help reduce and control swelling. Some irritation may occur to surrounding tissue, as the piercing may rub other areas. This irritation should pass in the early stages of healing. Changing to a better fitting piece of jewelry once initial healing is done is highly suggested (fresh oral piercings use longer jewelry for swelling purposes). Your piercer can do this easily and inexpensively.


ORAL AREA: Clean inside the mouth several times daily for 4 to 6 weeks. For lip, cheek, etc. clean the outer tissue once to twice daily with a mild cleanser or salt-water solution using care not to let any soap into the piercing. See Basic Piercing Aftercare for facial piercings that enter into the mouth and combine Oral and Basic Aftercare.



When properly cared for your new piercing should heal in the specified amount of time. Maintaining a good diet and good hygiene is suggested. The use of a multi-vitamin, zinc, and vitamin C can accelerate the healing process. Using a salt-water soak on a daily basis has been found to be very beneficial and is highly suggested. It is very important to avoid handling your fresh piercing with unclean hands. Do not over clean your new piercing. You should not allow clothing, makeup, hair and body products, physical activity, oral contact, or sleeping to irritate/ agitate your fresh piercing. It is a good idea to avoid swimming or soaking a new piercing for the first 7 to 10 days. (showering is fine) While infections are infrequent, should one occur, contact a physician as soon as possible. If you are having a problem or are not sure if you may have an infection, contact our staff and we will be ready to assist you.


The jewelry should not be removed from a new piercing prematurely. In many cases if the jewelry is removed for even a short period of time, reinsertion may be difficult or impossible. Most piercings require at least 6 months to heal and toughen up before jewelry can be left out for any length of time. If you must remove a new piercing a retainer should be used to prevent the piercing from closing. Ask your piercer for options.


PLEASE NOTE: The instructions above are not given as, and are not intended to be given as, medical advice. If medical advice is needed, I agree to consult a physician and Hot Rod Piercing, LLC, as agreed; provided that I understand and agree that any remedial action is totally voluntary on the part of Hot Rod Piercing, LLC to perform. After hours emergency email,



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