Hot Rod Piercing Company

Pittsburgh's premier Body Piercing Studio, we offer only the best quality jewelry and techniques to ensure the best piercing experience.

Hot Rod Piercing Co. has been providing the city of Pittsburgh with the most experienced piercing staff and only the best quality body jewelry available since 1995. We use only the most up to date methods to insure that both your piercing experience and your healing experience are successful.

To help us keep up to date, we have attended yearly seminars. These seminars are held by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). The APP does not train or certify a body piercer's ability but does show that they have met certain health and safety requirements, which our state does not require. APP seminars provide information about healing techniques, the importance of high quality jewelry, and most important, safety.

We provide the best of everything at Hot Rod, nice quality jewelry, clean environment, and a knowledgeable staff that is experienced and ready to customize your body.

Any questions can be directed to  or give us a call.

We have a dedicated group of individuals to help ensure the best and most efficient experience at Hot Rod Piercing Co. Each of us strives to do our very best and bring you the highest quality jewelry, and the best body piercing service.