Hot Rod Piercing Company

Pittsburgh's premier Body Piercing Studio, we offer only the best quality jewelry and techniques to ensure the best piercing experience.

Jewelry    ( click on the instagram and facebook links below to see pics of our selections )

Our company offers only the best possible service and jewelry available. We use the highest quality equipment to insure that your piercing will be successful. Many shops try to be cost effective, by using inexpensive lower quality jewelry. This may save you money at first, but it can lead to complications with the healing process and more cash to correct it. We do it right the first time at Hot Rod, we don't try to be the cheapest, only the best. We carry top quality Jewelry from only the best manufacturers, such as:


Bishop Organics, @bishop_organics

Body Vision Los Angeles,

Diablo Organics,

Glasswear Studios,

Industrial Strength,

Flaming Bones,



We have a dedicated group of individuals to help ensure the best and most efficient experience at Hot Rod Piercing Co. Each of us strives to do our very best and bring you the highest quality jewelry, and the best body piercing service.